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Birmingham March for Science Partners with GASP/Online Fundraising Starts

March 11, 2017 by Jeff Hirschy, Communications Director.

The Birmingham March for Science is excited to announce a new partnership with local community organization GASP and the launch of online fundraising in support of the April 22nd March.

The Birmingham March for Science is very pleased to announce that environmental education and advocacy group GASP has come onboard as the fiscal sponsor of the March. GASP, which was founded in 2009 as the group “Alabama First” changed their name in 2010 to honor a group of students who tried to fight pollution in the Birmingham area in the 1970s. GASP’s current mission is to “reduce air pollution through education and advocacy” in Birmingham and throughout Alabama. GASP’s work serves as an excellent role model and example of how science and education can fight for positive change in Birmingham and Alabama.

Online fundraising is now available for those who wish to donate to the March for Science. Through the Action Network platform, donations can be made to help fund the March on April 22nd, increase educational outreach opportunities, and help with logistical costs. All donations will also be tax deductible.

GASP Website:

Fundraising Website

Birmingham March for Science Website:

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