Special Interest Piece

Why I March

March 22, 2017 by Jeff Hirschy, Communications Director.

Hi, my name is Jeff Hirschy, and I am the Communications Director for the Birmingham March for Science and this is the story of why I march.

I march for my Mom. As a child, she always told me to “let my light shine”, always do good, and always help out others whenever you can. She always told me that anything you did to help, even just one kind word, can have a huge impact on people. You never know what might happen because of good you do or by letting your light shine. But, to her, you should only try.

She also wanting me to learn. She always made sure that she read to me before I went to sleep, took me to the library, bookstore, and museum. She wanted me to learn everything about the world that I could. She wanted me to be anything I wanted to be. She wanted me to “let my light shine”.

Unfortunately, my Mom passed away last year of breast cancer. It crushed me and continues to crush me. I was, and still am, in a deep funk, but the Birmingham March for Science was a light in that darkness. I march for my Mom so that everyone, and science, in Birmingham, Alabama, and the world has the chance to let their lights shine and learn and develop as much as they want.

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